Bekizine Shadowclaw

Terrible Black mage
Horrendous Assassin
Godawful Fighter, and only has a right arm.
Makes a pretty good Whiskey, though.

Orphaned at birth and picked up off the side of a road by a Lalafell couple, the Miqo'te struggled to do most anything right. Having trained from a young age to his late teens by a sect of martial artists, he dropped out due to being both absolutely terrible at the art, and discovering through relatively painful means, his talents for Black magic.

Once he had reached his early twenties, he had been gifted by the sect before his departure a Soultone and incite. That was the day he learned Magic ran in his family, and that his father was a Hyur Highlander, revealing Bek to be of Keeper and Hyur blood.

At some point during his twenty-fourth year, a series of dumb as fuck choices were made. All of these led to a domino effect of that Soulstone broken, his Aether becoming tainted and the slow end to his aggressive over use of magic. A year later, his heath began to decline.

Amidst his many magical failures, one that hangs heavy on him still is the loss of a fiancee'. He only ever had one mate in his life and her unfaithful choice left him more torn that he will freely admit. He never replaced her and with no skill in flirting or swooning, he likely never will. (Bleeding heart romantic.)

As of recently, the Mage keeps his magic use to a bare minimum to save from the likelihood of internal combustion. Instead, he can be found now indulging in unhealthy addictions such as over drinking, keeping to himself and letting his health slip ever downwards waiting for his own tainted aether to kill him if the drinking doesn't first.

In his early years, ages seven to late teens, Beks primary study had been in the ways of martial arts and eventually through higher learning, Assassinations for a sect of a high profile family. These were skills the man didn’t excell at. Having a distaste for dishonesty and lying, he failed on purpose. It was not in his nature to stab someone in the back.
During his years in the same Academy however, he was given something he was never supposed to have. A descendant of a Black mage, the stone was given down to the youth with the young man's self destruction fully expected.
Fortunately, the young Keeper managed to not get himself killed, though close enough over the years.
Bek spent the last handful of years studying and learning all he could and can about Black Magic, understanding fully well his own carelessness would likely kill him above all else.

As it stands, The mage, now in his early 30’s, had mastered the not get himself very very dead by his own hand. Not an esteemed Black mage, nor a skilled combat fighter, his offensive magics and skills are saved for personal life or death reasons.

As of late, Bek’s skills had expanded to other more slightly useful talents.
An accomplished Goldsmith keeps him from going broke. A short time at a Tavern taught him the knowledge on crafting Beer and whiskey, as well as currently learning to produce wines.

Aether sensitive - Beks aether is tainted. It’s slowly killing him, of course. However, to those sensitive in the ways of sensing or ‘smelling’ such a thing, the fire tint that corrupts his own and is ticking away at his life would be a noticeable, but ignorable trait. Aether corruption’s a common thing these days, after all, right?

Goldsmiths from Ul’dah - Though Bek himself may not have reached a high standing in the crafters of the realm, but before the calamity, his Lalafell father just may have done enough high end works to get his name out. Bek would have traveled with him when little to such trades and jobs.

Forbidden magic - Bek makes no effort to hide his interest in Black magic. However, he may have witnessed purchasing books from the black markets in Ul’dah at night (Since he prefers the nocturnal life anyways) in regards to necromancy on lesser beings, such as animals.

Music - The one armed Mage can play a piano, and -very- well! Probably the only thing he can do near perfectly. At his Estate, the sound would travel if he forgot any windows open, which would be likely. Eerie piano music in the woods? Sure, why not.

Possible family - Bek never met his birth parents. His mother was a slave in the mines and his father was a Highlander passing by. Having been raised by lalafell, he’s always had a curiosity if he had any living siblings. One half sister and proof many others exist.

Racist Behavior towards Au Ra - This Miqo'te would have little issues seeing innocent lizards burn. For his own personal reasons, he developed an unfathomable loathing for both men and women alike, of both the light and dark horned beings.
This pattern of hate -CAN- be broken, so either if you have an Au ra that he may have slighted before, or one you believe could break the bad habit, shoot me a PM. It'd be fun, i promise~

Dying~! Though it is settled he will survive (After purging a toxic player from his life), he's still on the decline. Currently, and after the event in which a minor fraction of his health returned and he's on the rise, Medical care will definitely be a thing his stubborn self would require.

Walk ups - I’m lonely and shy, plz help :c

RP style - I tend to heavily prefer Paragraph rp when it comes to small groups or one on one. Only in large fast moving scenarios am I comfortable with short posts. Unfortunately, I can lose interest rather quickly with unengaging partners. If I throw out 3-4 paragraphs and I get little more than a “yeah.” in response, I apologize, but my motivation will die. I will not try to push someone to RP in a way that they do not enjoy, thus I would hope for the same in return. I can dish out with as much as I can work with.
A single para or even two is -more- than okay! I speak plainly of one sentience or less. We will not mesh.
I do not mind mature RP, be it violence, gore, general touchy subjects, or ERP. All are storyline basis only however. IC=/=OOC. If Bek wants to throw a kid off a bridge, that's Bek being a dick. Leave it IC.

Lore - I do not like the idea of breaking, though I have few issues with Bending. I do not know the entirety of the games lore and I learn along the way. That said What I do bend in no may leaves him stronger, better, or more powerful than anyone. Opposite, he's dying and can't do much other than drink and bitch. I don't mind like minded players, mixed races, *exotic races, or unique character twists.

Bek's traits (Do not abuse ICly Merci~) -
-Single and too stubborn to try. (NOT looking for Slice of life/ERP/Romance focused partners. I will only disappoint you.)
-Bisexual but would never admit it, claims to be straight. (Only finds Highlander men attractive, he doesn't even know why.)
-He can be terribly snide and rude to men and women both, though had been raised to show more respect towards women in general. This is not flirting.

Forewarning - I can be a dick. In a process to become a better person, I’ve unfortunately become more honest and forward about things. This has caused more problems than lying, apparently. That said, if you have a thin skin, we will not mesh. I am sorry. If I find someone is hard or impossible to communicate with (i.e hides behind excuses, anxiety, or simply side steps communication) then I will cut contact. I can be very patient, but I will not be made the bad guy for trying to talk like an adult.

My Spelling - It fucking sucks, Google docs saves me. I’m 30+ years old and I can’t spell. Feel free to laugh. (I was raised in the woods, literally.)

PvE - I do not pug things. Anything. Nada, whatsoever. If I can’t solo it, or 2-3 man it with friends, I will never do it unless an unhealthy amount of alcohol is involved. This has upset a few people I’ve met through RP, so getting it out now.
I RP, and I gather/craft. Sometimes I’ll do old content by myself or with friends, but that’s where my use ends.

I crave outside of FF nerd friends - I’ve got a hook for coop steam games like its nobody's business. Crafting survival's my jam. >:O